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Versace Apologizes To China For Controversial Shirt

Versace Apologizes To China For Controversial Shirt
Versace Apologizes To China For Controversial Shirt

Video: Versace Apologizes To China For Controversial Shirt

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Video: Versace apologizes to thin-skinned China over t-shirt - TomoNews 2023, January

Donatella Versace, the designer of the fashion house founded by her brother Gianni in the late 70s, has asked for forgiveness on her behalf and in the name of the firm through a statement on her social networks after it spread like wildfire. Image of a T-shirt from the firm that wrongly cited the cities of Hong Kong and Macao as if they were independent countries instead of administrative regions belonging to China.

"I deeply feel the unfortunate mistake that our company has made that is currently being discussed on the networks," he acknowledges. "I have never wanted to disrespect China's national sovereignty and that is why I want to personally apologize for the imprecision and for any discomfort it may have caused."

The statement continues to apologize again for the controversial design and confirms that the shirt has been removed. "The brand takes responsibility and is exploring the actions to take to improve day-to-day operations to be more aware," he says.

Other brands like Coach and Givenchy have recently faced the same problem by selling T-shirts that once again identified Hong Kong as an independent country from China. After users of social media encouraged to boycott these brands, they have both apologized and reiterated their respect for Chinese territory and sovereignty. "We are aware of the seriousness of the error", have recognized from the fashion and accessories firm Coach.

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