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Yosimar Martínez Valdez's Mother Asks For Justice

Yosimar Martínez Valdez's Mother Asks For Justice
Yosimar Martínez Valdez's Mother Asks For Justice

Video: Yosimar Martínez Valdez's Mother Asks For Justice

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A few days after Yosimar Martínez Valdez, singer of the Loka Tribe, was kidnapped and murdered, his mother claimed to know who the person who ordered his death was - and sent him a message.

Chela Meza, the 23-year-old singer's mother, revealed to Univision details of a talk she had with her son in which he alerted her to a possible attack.

"Three days before he was killed, he had told me: 'Mom, if something happens to me, you blame so-and-so.' He gave me the nickname, he told me that [that guy] was already bringing her against him and I said to him: 'God, son, everything will be fine first.' And it was not like that,”Meza said through tears.

According to what was reported by the musician's mother, his death had to do with a woman with whom Martínez Valdez had dated. “My son went out with the girl that [the alleged intellectual author] has right now. The woman's name is Mayra and yes, it was a long time ago that they went dancing in Torreón, but nothing else happened,”Meza said in the interview. "According to [her son], that's where the matter comes from and I said: 'It can't be possible, how can they kill me for that nonsense?"

Yosimar Martínez Valdez
Yosimar Martínez Valdez

The singer was deprived of his liberty early Sunday morning by a group of armed men in Coahuila, Mexico. According to his mother, security cameras at the singer's house captured the moment of the kidnapping and those videos have already been released to authorities. “We already rescue the videos and we will be analyzing them to find out. We have already taken them to the Public Prosecutor's Office and I want to put them on television stations in case someone knows them,”she said.

Apparently, Meza won't stop until he gets justice. "I am not afraid and I told the commander and I tell you: If he is going to cut off my head, he will know, but my son … will pay me, because he is not worth it," he pointed out. in his interview with the chain.

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