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Regina Carrot On How To Combat A Toxic Environment At Work

Regina Carrot On How To Combat A Toxic Environment At Work
Regina Carrot On How To Combat A Toxic Environment At Work

Video: Regina Carrot On How To Combat A Toxic Environment At Work

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Video: Toxic Workplace Environment - How To Deal With a Toxic Work Environment 2023, February

Just by listening to her speak you would think she has the age and experience of about six decades of life. However, the Mexican entrepreneur, creator and speaker Regina Carrot has managed to spread her good vibes with millions of people around the world at just 30 years old.

The enthusiasm of this young singer-songwriter and producer has led her to tell her story and motivate others through one of her passions; create audio visual content. Her millions of views on YouTube, her 312K followers on Instagram and the conferences she is part of live are just a sample of her messages that go beyond generations.

In a time when social networks, the pressure to do more and excel at work can affect anyone's health, Regina Carrot shared with People en Español some tips that will be useful to alleviate the toxic environment in your workplace.

  1. Evaluate what your competitive advantages are: When you are with a boss to whom you tell your ideas and end up giving them for you, it is difficult and you think 'should I give them up?', Well, no. Value yourself!
  2. Raise your voice: Don't let anyone turn you off because if you haven't already lost. You can apply that anywhere in your life.
  3. Start getting rid of friends and colleagues who don't add to you: Stay away from people who suck your energy. If you start to make groups of people who are negative, stay away from those discussions.
  1. Find a mentor: It can be a partner next to you or someone of a higher level, they will always guide you. When I was working in a corporate and I had a mentor who told me that I had to focus on developing; those people are going to see what you don't see.
  2. Separate work and personal time: If you separate your time with friends and the time you spend in your work environment, it can help you find balance.

We hope you use these tips and follow more of the inspiring content Regina Carrot shares. Find her on her website and social networks as @reginacarrot. Don't lose track of it because it comes with many surprises!

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