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Grandmother Arrested For Murder Of Husband

Grandmother Arrested For Murder Of Husband
Grandmother Arrested For Murder Of Husband

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Video: New Husband Of 48-Year-Old Mother, Grandmother Arrested For Her Murder 2023, January

An 84-year-old woman was arrested for the death of her husband, 35 years after he was killed in his Texas home.

Johnnie Allbritton was reportedly shot and wounded when he tried to break into his home in May 1984, and his wife, Norma Allbritton, assured police that she was not present. During the investigation, Norma said that at the time she came to her house accompanied by one of her children and found the front door locked, so she worried and looked out the window to realize that there were firearms and It was when she called the authorities.

However, Norma was ordered to take a polygraph test to verify her version of events. However, the woman canceled the appointment alleging that she had had an accident where she shot herself. The polygraph test was never rescheduled, PEOPLE reported.

At that time, and due to the statements, it was believed that the cause of the murder was due to a robbery, since the family reported that a bag with thousands of dollars was missing.

Norma and Johnnie Allbritton
Norma and Johnnie Allbritton

But in 2015, the case was reopened thanks to the fact that one of the detectives turned him over to the television program "Cold Justice", from the Oxygen chain, where they investigated the evidence.

The show's producers accepted the case and began their own investigation, interviewing dozens of people and witnesses, in addition to submitting the evidence to their laboratory. It was then that they found enough evidence to charge Norma with murder.

On June 27, Norma was arrested and presented to the grand jury. It is also being investigated in connection with the death of her daughter who in 1981 was declared a suicide, but is now considered a suspicious death.

"Through this investigation, her daughter's suicide has raised suspicions and we will investigate it as well," said Sheriff Kevin Ellis of Leon County, Texas. "I will not rest. I don't think my investigators will rest until everyone involved in this case, and other possible crimes related to this case, are brought to justice.”

The case will be presented next year as part of the new season of the program, which has contributed to 44 arrests, according to a chain spokesperson.

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