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Father Arrested For Murder Of His Five Babies

Father Arrested For Murder Of His Five Babies
Father Arrested For Murder Of His Five Babies

Video: Father Arrested For Murder Of His Five Babies

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Video: Alabama dad charged with capital murder in baby's death after reporting him missing 2023, January

A father in California was arrested for killing his five babies. Paul Allen Perez was convicted more than a decade after committing these crimes. Perez, who is a sex offender, was serving a sentence at Kern Valley State Prison for crimes unrelated to this case, when he was arrested Monday by Yolo County Police. Thanks to new DNA technology, investigators were able to solve these crimes that have remained a mystery since 2007.

Thanks to this new DNA technology, they were able to identify a baby who was found dead by a fisherman in March 2007 inside a container like Nikko Lee Perez. Little Nikko was wrapped in a Winnie The Pooh teddy bear quilt, and according to the coroner's report he had been beaten to death when he was between one month and three months old. Police had been unable to identify the boy, whose body was discovered in Woodland, near Sacramento.

Nikko's DNA also revealed that the baby had had four siblings, who were also killed before they were six months old, according to the Yolo County Sheriff's Office. The children, born in California, were identified as Kato Allen Perez, born in 1992, Mika Alena Perez, born in 1995; Nikko Lee Perez, born in 1997; and Kato Krow Perez, born in 2001. Perez was identified as the father of the five babies although it is not known if they are from the same mother. According to reports, Paul Allen Perez could spend the rest of his life in prison or receive the death penalty.

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