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Model Appears Half-naked In The Champions League Final

Model Appears Half-naked In The Champions League Final
Model Appears Half-naked In The Champions League Final

Video: Model Appears Half-naked In The Champions League Final

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Video: Half Naked Girl Interrupted a Football Match Liverpool – Tottenham. Champions League. 01.06.2019 2023, February

The final of the Champions League that was played a few days ago in Madrid and will be unforgettable because of what happened on the pitch. And it is that although the footballers gave their all, the indisputable star was a stunning Russian model who jumped half naked on the field and who has now become a celebrity.

It all happened during the match between the Liverpool and Tottenham clubs, which ended 2-0. In the middle of the game, the beautiful Kinsey Wolanski took the field wearing a tiny black suit that said "Vitaly Uncensored" in white letters.

The suit revealed his sculptural anatomy and exposed his butt and much of his chest. The woman ran through the middle of the court and immediately security personnel to remove her. Everything was recorded in multiple photos and videos that are now setting fire to social networks.

The legend of her outfit is presumed to be to promote the YouTube channel of her boyfriend, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a Los Angeles-based blogger. "My baby just won the Champions League Final, very proud of you, you are my everything," the subject wrote proudly on Instagram.

This is not the first time that Wolanski, 22, has caused a stir at a sporting event. In 2014 he did something similar in the final of the World Cup in Brazil wearing a sign that said "Natural Born Prankster" (born to make jokes).

The Los Angeles-born is also known for appearing in a similar outfit on the court of an NBA game and posing nude in front of the legendary Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

The case is reminiscent of what happened to Larsa Papen, a model born in Belgium who was recently arrested for posing nude in a public place, in this case, in front of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

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