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Hairstyles To Wear In Coachella

Hairstyles To Wear In Coachella
Hairstyles To Wear In Coachella

Video: Hairstyles To Wear In Coachella

Video: Hairstyles To Wear In Coachella
Video: 6 Festival Hairstyles - KayleyMelissa 2023, March

The popular Coachella music festival always gives a lot to talk about for the daring and fun beauty looks that people wear. During the first weekend of the popular event we noticed that one of the most popular hairstyles was the messy buns, also known as the space buns, and we asked the stylist of the Suave brand, Leonardo Rocco, to recreate this fun bohemian look during his visit our offices. These are the steps that, according to the expert, you should follow:

  1. If you have fine hair or are looking for more definition and movement, use the curling iron horizontally to create texture
  2. Make the zigzag stripe so that it is not so marked and the look looks more relaxed
  3. Detach a lock and start twisting it
  4. When the bun is ready, open it and mess it up with your fingers
  5. If you have lighting in your hair, the look will be even better. If you do not have it, Rocco recommends using sprays and other products that temporarily give you this effect on your hair.
  6. Keep creating texture and fix the hairstyle with a lacquer like Suave's Extra Hold Hairspray.

During his visit, the Suave expert also told us about a fun campaign that Suave just launched with the aim of proving that you don't need to spend as much money to get quality hair products. As part of the experiment, the brand gave five women products from a fictional luxury brand called "Evaus" (Gentle Read Backwards) to use on their manes. The results were impressive. After two weeks of using them, all five said they felt great changes in their hair, more shine, and better texture. The big surprise was that these products were actually those of the Suave brand.

In a study conducted by the brand, it was found that 7 out of 10 women think that expensive brands work better than cheap ones, but 6 out of 10 are tired of paying more. Likewise, 92% of millennials agree that they would buy products at lower prices if quality were not sacrificed. To see the surprise faces of the participants in the experiment, watch this video.

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