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Vanessa Marquez Video Shooting
Vanessa Marquez Video Shooting

Video: Vanessa Marquez Video Shooting

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Video: Bodycam footage released of actress Vanessa Marquez's fatal police shooting | ABC7 2023, January

The world of Hollywood actors is not always what it seems. A video published in Los Angeles has exposed the horrible end that the actress Vanessa Márquez suffered at the hands of the police and who, incredibly and despite having appeared in famous series such as ER, lived towards the end of her life among garbage and in Deplorable conditions.

The video in question was obtained by the local station KTLA and is a recording of one of the cameras carried by police in Los Angeles (body cam). The clip was recorded during the fateful incident that occurred on August 30, 2018 at the Marquez home, south of Pasadena.

In the images, it is observed how elements of the police enter the site to find the woman in her bed surrounded by trash and innumerable objects that apparently took time to accumulate around her.

According to local sources, the authorities were called to the house to verify if Márquez was well, since apparently her friends feared for her.

When the agents entered the house they approached her but suddenly she took out what looked like a toy gun, causing the policemen to retreat towards the stairs and one of them shouted “Vanessa. Throw away whatever you have in your hands, right now!”

Shots began in seconds, resulting in the death of the Hispanic actress. The actress later died from gunshot wounds she received in the side.

Vanessa Márquez was known for her role as Nurse Wendy Goldman in the NBC series ER starring George Clooney from 1994 to 1997:

The shocking video of the shooting that killed him:

According to the Daily Mail, Márquez publicly accused George Clooney of putting her on a “black list” for speaking openly about the alleged harassment on the ER set and of alleged racist and sexist comments made against him. According to said source, Clooney defended himself assuring that he had no idea that the actress had been boycotted and insisting that he had not taken any part in the events.

For its part, the Office of Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles District Attorney, published this February 25 a report that exonerates police officers Gilberto Carrillo and Christopher Pérez from any charge for the "fatal shooting" of the actress.

"Pérez first saw Márquez's gun in his left hand and left his apartment and crossed the landing," explains the memorandum accompanying the report. Pérez also heard a sound from a firearm and a cut cartridge and looked at other officers taking note of the sound. Pérez observed Márquez descending the stairs in what was received as an aggressive manner "definitely angry." The agents, the report ends, acted in self-defense against what "appeared to be an imminent danger that threatened their lives."

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