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Pitbull Attacks Girl In New York

Pitbull Attacks Girl In New York
Pitbull Attacks Girl In New York

Video: Pitbull Attacks Girl In New York

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Video: Pit bull attacks woman on NYC subway 2023, February

A mother lived the worst nightmare when she saw how a Pitbull dog grabbed the face of her seven-year-old daughter with her jaws and dragged to nibble wildly in front of the stunned and helpless gaze of passers-by on a busy street in Manhattan.

The events occurred this Thursday at 3:40 pm at the intersection of the famous Broadway and 79th streets in the luxurious Upper West Side neighborhood. The minor was walking with her mother on the street when, when approaching a homeless woman, who according to neighbors is frequently at the intersection, the girl wanted to give her a dollar, according to local police.

The girl approached the woman with her mother - who always seems to be accompanied by a Pitbull dog - and suddenly the beast came forward to catch her by the face, dragging her violently.

"[The dog] hit her on the sidewalk" and both the girl's mother and the dog's owner jumped up to try to take the girl dog away from her. [Then] a man "in a sailor's jacket" jumped to free the girl, said Thomas Nardini, a neighborhood neighbor who was passing by at the time while walking his dogs.

"The little girl was bleeding profusely from the face," the man continued in an interview with The West Side Rag, a local newspaper. The man also spoke to local network CBS-2: “The [homeless] woman does not know how to control the dog. The girl is stumbling everywhere. Come on… it was horrible.”

Nardini assured both publications that the dog's owner is known to neighbors in the neighborhood. "The lady is sitting very often in that corner with her Pit Bull and every time I walk with my dogs her dog growls at them," he said.

The mother and daughter were taken to a nearby hospital, while the dog was taken to the Animal Care center, according to the NYPD.

For its part, the owner of the dog was taken to the 20th precinct for questioning, without it being known until now if charges have been formally filed.

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