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Actor Seinfeld Dead

Actor Seinfeld Dead
Actor Seinfeld Dead

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Video: 10 Seinfeld Actors Who Have Sadly Died 2023, January

Charles Levin, an actor who became famous in the Seinfeld series with the role of "Nervous Mohel" was naked, without genitalia and partially devoured by vultures at the time of being found after being reported as "disappeared" last June.

The body of the 70-year-old histrion was discovered at the bottom of a ravine on a remote mountain in Oregon, a newly released Grant Pass police report reveals.

His body was at a depth of 30 feet and authorities think Levin fell there while seeking help, The Daily Mail reveals.

On June 28, Jesse, the actor's son, reported his disappearance to the local police. The actor reportedly called a friend and said he was lost near Cave Junction.

The body was discovered on June 31 without "signs of violence" the coroner's report dictates. "His genitals were not present," the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety said in a report. Levin's jaw was exposed as it had been eaten away by turkey vultures.

The body was so decomposed and deformed that they had to use its dental remains to identify it, he says. Still death was classified as "accidental".

Levin's car was also discovered in the area as well as the remains of his dog Boo Boo Bear inside the vehicle.

Levin played the character of Mohel in a 1993 episode of Seinfeld. He was also a recurring character on the Alice (CBS) series, opposite Elliot Novak.

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