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Cristiano Ronaldo Murder Hairdresser

Cristiano Ronaldo Murder Hairdresser
Cristiano Ronaldo Murder Hairdresser

Video: Cristiano Ronaldo Murder Hairdresser

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Video: Cristiano Ronaldo Out in London After the Tragic Death of His Hairdresser 2023, January

Ricardo Marqués Ferreira, who was the favorite hairdresser for soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, was found dead this weekend inside a Zurich hotel where he was brutally stabbed to death.

According to the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha, the body of the 40-year-old stylist - who had been residing in that Swiss city for more than two years - and who was nicknamed “Caju” by his friends, was on a bed and in a pool of blood when he was found by a maid. The corpse showed clear signs of having been stabbed.

The woman came to the room after the hotel reception received multiple complaints from guests about a scandalous discussion heard from inside the room where the victim was staying. Before the macabre discovery, two men were heard screaming and a strong smell of alcohol emanated from the room.

Chiquis Rivera, Jenicka
Chiquis Rivera, Jenicka

Marqués Ferreira, originally from Madeira, was known in his country as “The Hairdresser of the Stars”, for his famous clientele, which included the aforementioned captain of the Juventus Club of Turin and multiple Portuguese film and television actresses.

Although the deceased had lived in Zurich for more than 20 months, he had almost never been seen in public. Likewise, it has been highlighted that the hotel where he lost his life is located in the Albisrieden neighborhood, a red-light sector of the Tyrolean city where prostitution and drug trafficking abound.

His move to that site would indicate a descent into the hells of vice and the underworld of that city that has been shaken by the brutality of this crime.

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