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Maluma Romantic Messages To Winnie Harlow

Maluma Romantic Messages To Winnie Harlow
Maluma Romantic Messages To Winnie Harlow

Video: Maluma Romantic Messages To Winnie Harlow

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Video: Maluma Tiene Un Romance Con Winnie Harlow Tras Infidelidad Con Natalia 2023, February

They are young, successful and very handsome, so we would not be surprised if Maluma and Winnie Harlow sparked. Romance is only a guess, what is a fact is that there is a very special friendship between them, judging by the playful messages they have exchanged on networks.

Both are single and without obligation. It was precisely in these days that we discovered that the singer had put an end to his two-year romance with his girlfriend, the also model Natalia Barulich. Professional commitments and distance made a dent in their relationship that did not hold.

Since the summer the Colombian is free, so it is very normal that the candidates multiply. At the moment there is something nice between him and Winnie and these messages demonstrate this.

The model shared a few days ago a photo where she looks beautiful and to which Maluma responded with a suggestive "mamacita". Something similar happened in a publication by the interpreter of "Felices los 4", where he appears shirtless and showing off abs. The model fell exhausted and gave him a smiley with the eyes of hearts. The constant exchange of messages is a fact and the followers have realized this.

Although that does not mean that between them there is a romance, the truth is that there is chemistry, and a lot. Even the model already dares to make publications in Spanish with words as suggestive and affectionate as "kisses".

So far none have confirmed or denied anything. Both have a top-to-the-agenda of professional affairs, but between concert and parade, they know how to find the time to dedicate a tender writing. What a nice touch!

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