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Winnie Harlow Takes A Nude Photo

Winnie Harlow Takes A Nude Photo
Winnie Harlow Takes A Nude Photo

Video: Winnie Harlow Takes A Nude Photo

Video: Winnie Harlow Takes A Nude Photo
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Being different is being beautiful, and Winnie Harlow knows it. The Canadian model has stood out in recent years for breaking the barriers of the traditional concept of beauty by becoming one of the it-girls in the fashion world with her vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects 1% of the population. It manifests itself in patches on the skin that exhibit much less pigmentation than the rest of the body, giving it a blotchy appearance.

In past interviews, Harlow has shared that as a child the school children called her "oreo" and "cow," and even said "mooooo" when she passed near them. But over time she has learned to love and see the beauty of her condition, and now she shares her self-esteem with the rest of the world.

The model uploaded a nude photo of herself wearing only a beige thong on her social media, thus showing how proud and comfortable she feels to be the person she is.

“The real difference is not my skin. It is the fact that I do not find my beauty in the opinion of others. I am beautiful because I know. Celebrate your unique beauty today (and every day)!”, Wrote the model on her Instagram account.

In another image he shared, Harlow writes: "'To be irreplaceable one must always be different …' -Coco Chanel".

Her unique appearance makes her stand out, and her career exploded in 2014 when she competed on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model reality series. Since then she has paraded on the catwalks of major brands such as Marc Jacobs and Coach, and has also starred in campaigns for major brands such as Desigual and Diesel.

In his nude photo Harlow looks strong and sexy, and we love the positive message he sends to the world: to be different is to be beautiful.

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