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Kylie Jenner Tour Of Her Huge Work Office

Kylie Jenner Tour Of Her Huge Work Office
Kylie Jenner Tour Of Her Huge Work Office

Video: Kylie Jenner Tour Of Her Huge Work Office

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Video: Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour 2023, January

When it comes to the Kardashian / Jenner, nothing surprises us, or rather almost nothing. And it is that the luxurious life that the women of this family lead sometimes even makes us envy. Custom cars, dresses from the most prestigious designers, the most expensive shoes and many other things that they show without penalty in their reality show and on social networks. And let's not forget their respective mansions that seem more like luxury hotels. But nothing compares to the life of the smallest of the family. At just 22 years old, Kylie Jenner leads a life out of a movie and not just any movie. The young woman not only has expensive cars, but also a beauty line, a dream mansion and even several closets of clothes and wallets.

It was precisely this company that made him the youngest billionaire and by the way the richest in his family. Of course, that successful company needs a place worthy of its owner. In a video that was uploaded to her YouTube page, Jenner pleased her fans by uploading a video of the facilities from where she runs her company and we have to admit that we were speechless.

"Specifically, I wanted hints of pink everywhere," says the young businesswoman in a part of the video in which she appears wearing a sexy black Chanel mini dress. "I didn't want the pink to be too overwhelming, but they're definitely going to see little (sweet) Strarbursts everywhere and little touches like that."

In the video, which already has three and a half million views, you can see that the walls of the offices are decorated with photos of Jenner and you can even find a container full of M&M with his face. In addition, in one of the spaces of the enormous place there is a long table where all the magazines in which the young woman and her family have appeared are located.

If you want to see the majesty of the young woman's offices, don't miss the video. We are still recovering. Happy weekend!

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