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David Ortiz Was Shot In The Dominican Republic

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David Ortiz Was Shot In The Dominican Republic
David Ortiz Was Shot In The Dominican Republic

Video: David Ortiz Was Shot In The Dominican Republic

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Video: David Ortiz opens up about being shot in the Dominican Republic | Dan Le Batard Show 2023, January

Former Boston Red Sox star player David Ortiz was seriously injured after being shot in a Santo Domingo bar.

According to local police, the 43-year-old athlete, better known as "Big Papi," was attacked at around 8:50 pm local time, while he was with friends at the Dial club in the eastern part of the Dominican capital.

In a video that circulates through networks taken by one of the security cameras of the site, a group of parishioners can be seen sitting at different tables and suddenly getting up, apparently when listening to gunshots. The video captured the attacker's leg, which was described as a subject who got off a motorcycle to enter the scene and attack Ortiz.

The major league champion was ambushed and shot in the back and at point-blank range, authorities now confirm. A doctor who spoke on condition of anonymity told journalist Dionisio Soldevila that Ortiz consciously arrived at the hospital and that the shot entered his back and left his abdomen. "Please do not let me die, I am a good man," was what he exclaimed before being intervened, said the woman, in statements collected by the AP.

The suspect is already in the custody of the authorities, as confirmed by Ney Aldrin Bautista Almont e, director of the Dominican National Police. Said official confirmed that the Dominican-born was transferred to the Abel González clinic where he underwent an emergency operation. He is reportedly out of danger.

David Ortiz, shot, Dominican Republic, Red Sox
David Ortiz, shot, Dominican Republic, Red Sox

Another video circulating on networks shows the former player with some friends outside the bar just before the incident. Later the same person who took the video shows the ambulances and patrols that were attending to "Big Papi" and describes how they had taken their attacker. For his part, another person who was driving a Rolls Royce was displaying the ex-gamer's impressive jewels, who apparently were taking care of him while he was on his way to the hospital.

Leo Ortiz, father of the former player, speaking to the press in Santo Domingo:

Leo Ortiz father of David Ortiz, shot
Leo Ortiz father of David Ortiz, shot

Prominent baseball figures, such as Alex Rodríguez, a former Yankees player, and Pedro Martínez, a former Red Sox pitcher, expressed their pain over what happened. “I am at peace knowing that you are out of danger. You are strong Compai, I can't wait to hear your voice. My thoughts and prayers are with you, see you soon, "said the latter in a tweet.

Ortiz was born in had a remarkable time in the major leagues of the United States -MLB-, from which he retired in 2016. During his career he connected 541 home runs.

He currently works as an advisor to his old team and reportedly was in his homeland on a business trip related to his Havana firm. Ortiz is married to Tiffany Ortiz and has three children: D'Angelo, Jessica and Alexandra Ortiz.

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