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They Hit And Detain The Subject Who Shot David Ortiz

They Hit And Detain The Subject Who Shot David Ortiz
They Hit And Detain The Subject Who Shot David Ortiz

Video: They Hit And Detain The Subject Who Shot David Ortiz

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Video: Six detained in David Ortiz shooting 2023, February

Eddy Feliz García, the man who allegedly shot former baseball player David Ortiz in a bar in the Dominican Republic, was savagely lynched by a furious crowd and had to be rescued by the police.

The chilling moment was captured in a video that has gone viral and shows the young man on the ground, bloodied and with his face covered with wounds, begging for mercy as he is attacked by followers and friends of the former Boston Rex Sox player. As reported this Sunday, the events occurred inside the Dial bar, located in the eastern area of ​​Santo Domingo.

According to reports, the subject got off a motorcycle to ambush Ortiz, better known as "BIg Papi" who was in the establishment with some friends. The subject shot him at point-blank range and in the back and the bullet pierced his abdomen, causing the MLB champion to be hospitalized urgently at a local clinic.

The athlete underwent a 6-hour operation where part of the intestines and colon, and the gallbladder were removed. A spokesperson further confirmed that the father of three children suffered liver damage. Still, he is expected to recover.

Following the attack, parishioners pounced on the attacker who sustained considerable injuries before being rescued by the police. Through the audio a voice is heard saying “What do you know nothing? What do you know nothing?”, While subjects kick Happy lying down.

Eddy Vladimir Feliz García and David Ortiz
Eddy Vladimir Feliz García and David Ortiz

Jhoel Lopez, actor and host of the Like Me at Night show and one of the friends who accompanied Ortiz on Sunday night, was also injured during the incident. “The López Blanco family wants to report that Jhoel López is stable THANKS TO GOD and is in recovery. At this time, we cannot issue any further statements until due process is concluded.

We appreciate your concern and patience.”, Exclaimed his wife, Liz Blanco:

Ortiz retired from MLB in 2016 and was currently working as a consultant to the Red Sox. According to multiple sources, he was in his native country for work related to his cigar brand.

In fact, in photos taken just before the incident, “Big Papi” is seen smiling, drinking and smoking in the company of his friends. These people would later take the videos of the ambulances and patrols that they took to their partner.

Initial reports indicated that Feliz García had attempted to rob Ortiz, however the police have questioned these rumors.

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