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Subject Kills His Pregnant Girlfriend And Then Commits Suicide

Subject Kills His Pregnant Girlfriend And Then Commits Suicide
Subject Kills His Pregnant Girlfriend And Then Commits Suicide

Video: Subject Kills His Pregnant Girlfriend And Then Commits Suicide

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Video: Man Kill Himself In Police Custody After Killing His Pregnant Girlfriend Over "Jacket Suit Baby" 2023, February

Nebraska police have identified a 23-year-old boy as the alleged murderer of his girlfriend, a 23-year-old Hispanic girl whom he held against his will before murdering her and killing herself.

The events occurred this Tuesday in the housing complex located at 1406 Country Club, north of Norfolk. At around 10:10 am local time, the police received a call reporting that the young Oriana Arcos was being held by her boyfriend, Marquise Edwards, against her will.

Before said visit, the police appeared in said complete on at least three occasions during the weekend. The first was around 4:20 pm, to go to apartment number 20. Three hours later, the police went to the same address to verify the status of a person and finally, around 2:20 in the morning, they returned to the site. This time it was reported that a woman had called complaining that her daughter Oriana's boyfriend "had broken the door and that she was locked in the bathroom."

The turning point occurred Tuesday around 10:10 a.m., when police returned to the scene to investigate an incident of domestic violence. Agents asked Edwards to open the door but he refused and said that Arcos was not there. The police established contact with the interior of the house by telephone, although they assure that they were unable to speak with either Arcos or Edwards.

Oriana Arcos
Oriana Arcos

The line was left open and later shots were heard. After forcing the entrance door they had access to the apartment where they found Arcos dead and lying next to her boyfriend who had fired the shots with a.40 caliber revolver.

Arcos was later found to be pregnant, Don Miller, the Norfolk Police Chief, confirmed at a news conference.

"In Oriana's case, her death was instantaneous, essentially," said Joe Smith, a Madison County coroner. "As for Edwards, although his death was not instantaneous, he was essentially unconscious [in the same way]."

"It is an unfortunate, tragic situation," Miller said. "Two families are suffering the loss of a relative"

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