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Milly Quezada Loses A Very Close Relative To The Coronavirus
Milly Quezada Loses A Very Close Relative To The Coronavirus

Video: Milly Quezada Loses A Very Close Relative To The Coronavirus

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A year that had started with new music and many plans for Milly Quezada has collapsed. This Sunday it was announced that the Dominican merenguera has suffered the painful loss of a family member very close to her due to the coronavirus.

It is about the pastor Fausto Arias, husband of Jocelyn Quezada, sister of the Dominican singer and who succumbed to his hard battle against COVID-19. "Pastor Fausto Arias, husband of also Pastor Jocelyn Arias, sister of Milly Quezada, died at seven-four at night in the Englewood Health hospital after an arduous battle with Covid-19 that complicated his kidney system and his lungs, "said the star to Listin Diario, in Quisqueya.

Her now widow stated on her Facebook page that her husband had been admitted first to a Hackensack health center, but that the virus had not been detected for a long time. Arias was 65 years old and for approximately 20 he was the trombonist who accompanied the interpreter.

"How bad, my God, how bad," said the Dominican star before the painful loss that afflicts the family and the community that the reverend was leading at the Christian Worship Center in New Jersey.

The singer expressed her deep pain for networks, sharing a photo of her next to her brother-in-law:

The reverend was the husband of Jocelyn Arias, sister of the merenguera:

Sadly, Reverend Arias would celebrate his birthday in about a month. This was celebrated by members of his congregation a couple of years ago:

Fausto Arias
Fausto Arias

"Apparently the non-Hackensack hospital didn't catch that in his time there since (last) Sunday, making me take a 65-year-old patient with asthma and other health situations home, even though we told him he couldn't breathe well," Jocelyn Quezada explained in her post. "Switching to the Englewood hospital was the best decision we made."

Jocelyn Quezada was a member of the group Los Vecinos and together with her husband they embraced Christianity a while ago, since then giving themselves up to their service in the mentioned evangelical community.

The news comes just a couple of months after the Quezada sisters suffered the loss of their brother, Rafael Antonio Quezada, who died in late November.

The pastor is survived by his sons Isabel and Gabriel and his granddaughters Heily, Alia and Mikeyla, according to the mentioned newspaper. Rest in peace.

If you need updated information about COVID-19, its symptoms, treatment, etc,. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, which offers service in Spanish: www.cdc.gov/spanish/index.html

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