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Alejandra Guzmán Undergoing Emergency Surgery

Alejandra Guzmán Undergoing Emergency Surgery
Alejandra Guzmán Undergoing Emergency Surgery

Video: Alejandra Guzmán Undergoing Emergency Surgery

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Video: Alejandra Guzman - Cuidado Con El Corazón 2023, January

After being happy in networks with her nephew Apolo at the beginning of the year, the singer Alejandra Guzmán was taken to the emergency hospital.

According to her press office, the interpreter had to be intervened again due to a complication in her left hip, from which damaged tissue was removed.

Through a statement, the artist's management team reported that the surgery was carried out successfully and that the singer will be at rest and under medical care.

"She was treated on January 4 of this year as an emergency by reactive process in the left hip, which is why she underwent surgery under general anesthesia," explained Dr. María Elena Sandoval through the statement. "You should have absolute rest [for a] week."

Alejandra Guzmán the voice
Alejandra Guzmán the voice

According to the doctor, the interpreter was discharged the same day of the surgery.

For the moment, the singer has suspended her next performances and hopes to return to the stage in February at the Arena in Mexico City. However, the singer's management office assured that Guzmán will fulfill her commitment and necessary requirements as coach of the La Voz program, to be broadcast on Telemundo on January 19.

In March last year, the interpreter revealed that she underwent surgery again for polymers in the hip, as a result of the buttock augmentation procedure that she underwent around eight years ago.

"The same thing about the bubbles [buttocks] that people keep killing, infecting and taking advantage of people who believe in them and we think they are doctors. I have been suffering from this for eight years and there is no end,”he told the Mexican press at the time. "Thank god I'm okay".

At the moment, the singer has not spoken about her new intervention or about her recovery process.

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