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Walmart: Cocaine Christmas Sweater Controversy

Walmart: Cocaine Christmas Sweater Controversy
Walmart: Cocaine Christmas Sweater Controversy

Video: Walmart: Cocaine Christmas Sweater Controversy

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Video: Walmart apologizes for cocaine-themed Christmas sweater 2023, January

Walmart has always been the perfect place to shop for the week, buy the appliances you need, and also the clothes the whole family needs. And all this is available at great prices, something that falls perfectly for the hundreds of low-income families in the country. Christmas sweaters sell like hot cakes during Christmas. It is precisely this piece of clothing that now has the giant chain of stores in serious trouble.

Walmart made headlines in various media outlets by selling a Christmas sweater with the image of Santa Claus consuming cocaine.

"The best snow comes directly from South America," said the sweater description on the Walmart Canada website.

As expected, hundreds of people raised their voices to turn against the chain of department stores.

In the face of complaints, Walmart not only recalled the controversial sweaters from the market, but also apologized. "These sweaters, sold by an outside vendor on walmart.ca (our website in Canada), do not represent Walmart's values ​​and have no place on our website," Walmart said in a statement. “We have removed these products from our market. We apologize for any unintentional offenses this may have caused. These sweaters were not offered on walmart.com in the US."

It is not the first time that Walmart has been in the eye of the storm. In February 2018, the store ran into serious trouble for selling copies of UGG boots. The plaintiffs assured that although the model was not patented, the popularity and reception they had should be enough for them to be the only ones to have the right to do so.

At the time, Walmart claimed that the company was taking these allegations very seriously and was therefore investigating the situation.

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