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Francisca Lachapel

Francisca Lachapel
Francisca Lachapel

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Video: Francisca Lachapel presenta a su prometido y juntos cuentan su historia de amor 2023, January

Among applause from an audience that kept sending compliments and expressions of affection, Francisca Lachapel has had a moment in the panel on diversity in which she has participated together with the model Denise Bidot and the journalist Carlos Lamarche in the People en Español Festival to share with her fans the keys that have led to success on television and her sweetest personal moment, facing "the haters" and challenging the norms established in the world of beauty and entertainment.

"I overcame it by accepting myself and understanding that there was absolutely nothing wrong with who I was and what I represented as a person," he explained. "When I understood that it was a total liberation, I forgot about criticism and the haters died and I am at a point that really worth it …"

The Dominican, who is planning her wedding with Francesco Zampogna, has also thanked her followers for the affection that, according to her own recognition, led her to win The Crown of Our Latin Beauty "Not because it was the most beautiful, nor bad high, nor that of the best measures, it was because you wanted and gave me the opportunity to experience it”.

Denise Bidot, another Latin beauty who this year has participated as a judge of the Univision program in which for the first time women of all sizes and ages were shown, has also shared with those attending the People en Español Festival the obstacles that She has faced herself as a curvy model, Latina, half Arab and a single mother.

"I have enjoyed it a lot and my daughter knows everything about my life, but the most important thing with children is not what you tell them but what they see you do," he acknowledged. "My mom suffered a lot with her weight and she was super unhappy with her body and what that taught me was that I am not going to lose my life being unhappy because of my size, I am not going to give her so much power."

Festival People en Español, Denise Bidot
Festival People en Español, Denise Bidot

To end the panel, Francisca wanted to close with advice that has been key for her since her childhood in Azua, in the Dominican Republic, until today on her screens every morning in Despierta América.

Education opened doors for me. I come from a town where there are few resources. I would like to work hard with education and teach girls that in reality, respecting makeup and all that is beautiful, the most important thing to feed is the brain. That they educate themselves, that they prepare themselves, because when a woman masters a subject and knows what she is talking about, no one can fight you.”

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