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Francisca Lachapel Undergoes A Lie Detector

Francisca Lachapel Undergoes A Lie Detector
Francisca Lachapel Undergoes A Lie Detector

Francisca Lachapel lived this morning one of the most painful moments she has had as a host of the Univision network after undergoing a lie detector in a live broadcast.

During Dr. Juan's (Univision), the Dominican woman underwent the polygraph test as part of a segment that taught how the human body reacts when telling lies. Passed the test?

Francisca's first million dollar question was: During the first 25 years of your life, do you remember lying to someone? Fran quickly said no. However, the polygraph operator repeated the question several times.

"Have you ever lied to a person who trusted you?" As explained by Dr. Juan, some questions must be repeated several times.

Moments later the interrogation took on a more personal tone, which Francisca refuted because that "was not what was in the script," he said.

"Are you about to get married, are you jealous?" Was the second question.


Francisca answers: "No".

The verdict was. Francisca did not lie in any of the questions.

How does the polygraph work?

"All human beings have consciousness", explains the neurologist Carlos Ramírez Mejía. "When we are going to lie, we go beyond our ethical parameter, our pupils immediately dilate, our heart rate changes, there is a change in body temperature and the tone of voice changes."

The intuitive ability to detect different fluctuations in language is usually developed by detectives, parents, and even married women, according to Ramírez Mejía.

According to the test that Francisca was subjected to, her husband Francesco will marry the "perfect" woman, Dr. Juan said.

"I am a saint," concluded the creator of Mela la Molaza.

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