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Survivors Of The Shootings Speak

Survivors Of The Shootings Speak
Survivors Of The Shootings Speak

Video: Survivors Of The Shootings Speak

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Video: Life after a mass shooting: A survivor speaks 2023, January

Many smiles, dreams and projects were annihilated this first fateful weekend in August. Two mass shootings in the United States, one in El Paso, Texas and the other in Dayton, Ohio, marked the lives of hundreds of people forever.

Days after the nightmare, what do they think, feel and, above all, how are some of those affected? The Al Rojo Vivo program by María Celeste Arrarás did an excellent job of research that brought us a little closer to those people who miraculously saved themselves from the worst.

They are stories of Latinos who have seen their lives cut short by the loss of family members and the injuries they themselves received after the bullet wounds.

One of the most shocking cases is that of Javier, the young man who died receiving one of those shots. Her uncle, Octavio Ramiro Lizarde, also hospitalized and victim of this massacre, survived to tell the tale. But his grief upon awakening was knowing that his nephew did not suffer the same fate.

With pain and helplessness, Nicolasa Velázquez also expressed himself on camera. She managed to get ahead, but not her husband Juan for more than thirty years. "Get it over with and let's not have so much violence," she begged from her hospital bed.

Another heartbreaking case is that of Maribel. The woman was shot and made a decent living by selling fresh water bottles outside the Walmart door. This was her testimony for the Noticias Telemundo program.

"He put more bullets, walked towards us and shot us mercilessly," begins the terrible story of this woman whose face of suffering says even more than her words.

These are just some of the brave who, despite their hard experience, are committed to a change of peace, non-violence and union. The testimonies continue to come out not only from those who were victims of the bullet but from those who saw it from the outside.

It is the example of Ana Vitela. She was going to the mall to buy some things, like the dozens of people who were there that Saturday. It was the quick reaction of her nine-year-old son Eduardo that saved the life of this woman who, panicked, did not know what to do.

"I said, 'Mom, go ahead and run him, they are shooting and I pulled her by the hand,'" the boy told the news reporter. Her swift and brave gesture avoided further displeasure in the family.

Every day there are new and admirable cases of these little great heroes and heroines who managed to survive one of the hardest episodes of their lives. Others tried but failed. Our memory and respect is for them and their families.

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