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Bianca Devins Photos On The Internet

Bianca Devins Photos On The Internet
Bianca Devins Photos On The Internet

Video: Bianca Devins Photos On The Internet

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Video: Bianca Devins Case: Brandon’s Letters, Cont./Body Cam Screenshots 2023, January

Social media has been shaken by the brutal stabbing murder of Bianca Devins, a 17-year-old influencer who died this weekend in New York. The crime has shaken public opinion as the alleged murderer shared photos of her body on Instagram and other anonymous forums that are now trying to contain the spread of images that appear under the hashtag #RIPBianca.

According to reports, this Saturday night, around 10:00 pm, Devins and her alleged boyfriend, Brandon Clark, 21, got together to go to a concert in New York City, but according to police they had an argument.

By 7:00 a.m. the next day, Utica police received multiple emergency calls to 911 alerting that Clark had murdered his girlfriend. One of those calls was made by the boy himself who notified the authorities that he planned to kill himself.

Police were able to trace his call to Poe Street in Utica, where they found the young man lying on the ground on a blanket covering Devins' body. As they approached him, the police observed how the boy began to cut his throat with the same knife that he apparently used to murder his girlfriend. Police were able to prevent the subject from committing suicide and rushed him to a local hospital where he still remains, according to the local station WKTV.

Authorities were also able to discover a chilling sign, apparently written by Clark, next to the girl's body, saying: "So you never forget me."

According to said source, Clark and his alleged victim met through Instagram approximately two months ago and began a relationship. Their families also appeared to have known each other, police said.

Bianca Devins
Bianca Devins

Devins enjoyed popularity in the world of video games because he constantly shared photos and selfies and apparently had a lot of followers on networks. After his murder, photos of his body began to emerge on the Discord platform, popular with online players. Some of those users were the ones who reported the existence of the material to the Utica Police Department.

"He is believed to have taken and distributed photographs of the murder and posted them on the Discord platform," authorities confirmed. For their part, spokesmen for said platform assured CNN that they are "in shock and deeply saddened by this terrible situation" and that they collaborate with the authorities in the investigation.

Lieutenant Bryan Coromato, a police spokesman, assured that all the posts that are still circulating on networks are being tracked and that for now it has been discovered that Clark also published them on the anonymous forum 4chan.

For its part, the Utica school district issued a statement expressing the deep pain that the community is grieved by the death of the young woman, who had just graduated from Proctor High School. The institution is providing psychological help to those who need it.

The family of the deceased also published a message saying the following: “We are very grateful for the multiple demonstrations of love and sympathy that we have received from our friends, family, friends of Bianca and the entire community. Their prayers give us strength at this difficult time."

Clark remains in a delicate but stable condition and is expected to recover. So far no charges have been filed against him.

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