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Ocasio Cortez Drink Toilet Water

Ocasio Cortez Drink Toilet Water
Ocasio Cortez Drink Toilet Water

Video: Ocasio Cortez Drink Toilet Water

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Video: Ocasio-Cortez visits migrant detention facilities, says detained women told to drink toilet water 2023, January

The young congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a visit to two detention centers in Texas on Tuesday to learn first-hand what hundreds of migrants who are being held in these places are experiencing. And what she could see is "horrifying", as she confessed in a series of tweets and photos where she is seen hugging mothers who have been separated from their children.

Ocasio-Cortez, or "AOC," as he is popularly known, visited the El Paso and Clint centers along with a congressman from the Hispanic CAUCUS. There, the woman interviewed several women detained in what she described as a hostile environment. "They were sexually and physically threatening against me," he explained to KTSM, an affiliate of NBC in El Paso. "This was their BEST behavior, in front of members of Congress … There is abuse in these facilities," she emphasized.

“This is actually the type of toilet that I saw in the cell. Only there was only one and the part of the sink did not work. [Massachusetts State Representative] Ayanna Pressley tried to turn on the tap and nothing came out. So the women were told that they should take water from the toilet,”AOC said in a tweet showing a photo of the toilets found at the site.

In another post, the Bronx representative appears hugging a woman, surrounded by mothers who have been "detained for more than 50 days." Some of them appear with eyes swollen with tears, their faces marked by tears of pain. “Here is another photo taken by [Texas Congressman] Joaquín Castro. We were trying to comfort women trapped in cells. This woman told me that her daughters were taken from her, she does not know where they have been taken. We hug them and listen. They are destroyed.”

"All arguments about civil rights abuses or mistreatment and detention are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated," a spokesman for the Customs and Immigration Service (ICE) exclaimed in a phone call with People and other media. that was carried out before Ocasio-Cortez and CAUCUS visited these centers. The official assured that the centers visited were designed between 1990 and the year 2000 and that they were intended for "only short-term arrests."

The congressmen's visit comes a week after the world was shaken by the publication of a photo that showed the bodies of a young father and his daughter of less than two years old who died by drowning while trying to cross the border between Mexico and the United States.. The photo went viral and prompted a series of calls to Congress and the government to alleviate the situation on the border line.

"Children come first. At the end of the day we must ensure that the available resources are allocated to protect them, "said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the time. The agency approved last week a budget of $ 4.6 million to mitigate the crisis on the border. The distribution system of the resources and to which centers they will be used have not yet been made public.

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