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Isabel Torrón, The 23-year-old Dominican Girl Who Is Already At NASA
Isabel Torrón, The 23-year-old Dominican Girl Who Is Already At NASA

Video: Isabel Torrón, The 23-year-old Dominican Girl Who Is Already At NASA

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The young Dominican Isabel Torrón is proof that dreams are never very big when you have will, persistence and talent. With only 23 years old and still a student, she already works for the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) of the United States.


Torrón says that when she started her university education at the Rhode Island School of Desing, she heard that several colleagues had applied to do an internship at the space agency, so she decided to apply as well.

Thanks to her performance and after completing two internships, she obtained a full-time job as a User Experience Designer at NASA's Ames Research Center.

Here are some questions that the talented young woman exclusively for People en Español answered:

What advice would you give to today's youth who sometimes believe that their dreams are too big for them?

For me, thinking of my dreams as goals has helped me make them tangible. Hence, it is more viable to understand what decisions you can make in your current situation to get closer to what you want to achieve.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

To be able to be in an environment of such high historical respect that it works to develop and fulfill extraordinary missions.

What part of the Dominican Republic are you from? How was your childhood?

I am from the capital, Santo Domingo. During my childhood, I always found where to scribble and was involved in different art classes. I also had the support of my parents in my professional development decisions.

How did your interest in industrial design start?

I became interested in industrial design when I saw that it was the balance between the technical and creative aspects of solving problems.

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