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David Dowell Dies From Eating Gecko Lizard On Gamble

David Dowell Dies From Eating Gecko Lizard On Gamble
David Dowell Dies From Eating Gecko Lizard On Gamble

Video: David Dowell Dies From Eating Gecko Lizard On Gamble

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Video: Dad dies in 'absolute agony' after eating gecko for a bet 2023, January

An Australian man died after ingesting a gecko in a gamble with friends. Days after performing his 'feat' he began to get sick and to have black urine, green vomit and liquid in his lungs. "Basically rotted from the inside out," exclaim his friends regretting his death.

David Dowell, 34, died in "utter agony" after ingesting the small reptile during a party with friends, his sister Hannah told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. The events occurred on December 1 during a Christmas party. The woman said that her brother began to feel very strong stomach pains and discomfort. “Then on Monday it started coming out from both ends and he was really sick and he started throwing up something green. That's when we call the ambulance, "he said.

When the paramedics arrived at the site they thought it was a stomach infection, so they did not take him to the hospital, but his sister insisted. Dowell was admitted to the Mater hospital where he was diagnosed with salmonella the day after his registration.

After knowing his diagnosis, it was thought that he had contracted the infection from eating chicken, that's when one of his friends said that he had swallowed a gecko at a party. Allira Bricknell, girlfriend of the deceased, told the doctor this information, who according to her replied that "that could not be" the cause.

David Dowell
David Dowell

"There's no evidence that he actually ate [the gecko] because everyone was like, 'Oh yeah, he ate it!' and others said 'I didn't see him eat it,'”explained the sister. “It was a gamble, so maybe he agreed to eat it and then dumped it. At the end of the day we don't know if he ate the gecko or not."

Dowell's health deteriorated rapidly: his body began to swell, he was spitting green fluid, his urine turned black, and his lungs began to accumulate fluid. "When I went to see him he was in absolute agony," he lamented. “We had to ask for help to ease his pain. They had to put him into a coma because they couldn't control his pain. We could never really say goodbye to him.”

For their part, representatives of the Mater hospital mourned the death of Dowell and in a message sent to People said: “[The hospital] Mater offers its deepest condolences to the family of Mr. David Dowell. Mr. Dowel's case was referred to the coroner, who determined that Mater provided him with adequate treatment and that no further action was required.” The hospital declined to offer further comment.

However, the version of the hospital has now been questioned, as the girlfriend of the deceased assures that the death certificate of his partner cites the ingestion of the reptile. "We do not know one hundred percent how she died, but on her death certificate she says ingesting a gecko, so I assume that was why," the woman told 7NEWS.com.au.

"He was a great person … the best dad," lamented Bricknell, who using the hashtag #justiceforDavid in networks seeks to raise awareness about what happened.

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