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Mayra Farret Latino Pride In Reality Texicanas

Mayra Farret Latino Pride In Reality Texicanas
Mayra Farret Latino Pride In Reality Texicanas

Video: Mayra Farret Latino Pride In Reality Texicanas

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Video: After The Show Texicanas Podcast - Episode 7 Hosted by Tito Caballero 2023, January

Mayra Farret had never seen a reality show, so she was unaware of the result of exposing her daily life to thousands of viewers through the Texicanas [Bravo TV] show, where she presented her life and reality as an immigrant Latina in the United States. But beyond creating a drama with personal situations, the Mexican seeks to expose the feminine power of her community in this nation.

"After the years we have had bad publicity [Latinos], I think that everyone is excited that we have a very good representation of what we do for this country and as women we support each other," she said.

In the program, Farret presents herself with her qualities and defects, without fear of exposing intimate situations that could make her vulnerable, since she accepts that a roller coaster of emotions lives within the program, all in order to make the side known positive of Latin culture.

“[We focus] on the family, on culture, on our fashion, our culinary art. [Spouses participate], who in the Latino community get involved, think, support wives. Children come out, the reality [that one has] as a mother, as a woman, who has her insecurities or doubts. If there is a lawsuit, there are discussions, but discussions that people can identify with, "she explained.

But beyond the personal side, the mother of two boys seeks to publicize the different organizations of which she is a part and exist to help Latinos improve their lives in the United States.

“My husband and I are very passionate about the community. We took the attack against the Latino community very personally, we are involved in many organizations to support the community for abused women, abused children, the AIDS Foundation, many organizations to integrate more into the community. Do something positive, "he said.

And that will be seen in the last episode of the season to be broadcast next Tuesday, June 25 on Bravo TV.

"We want the United States and the whole world to realize what we do for this country," he said.

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