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Irma Martinez Presents Her Book The Stylist's Manual
Irma Martinez Presents Her Book The Stylist's Manual

Video: Irma Martinez Presents Her Book The Stylist's Manual

Video: Irma Martinez Presents Her Book The Stylist's Manual
Video: Irma Martinez- Stylizing the World with One Brush 2023, March
Irma Martinez
Irma Martinez

Selfies, social networks, blogs … Today the image we project goes beyond our mere presence, and professions such as that of a stylist have grown to become indispensable for artists. Irma Martínez is the most experienced Latina in the industry, with more than 20 years dressing and advising celebrities and participating in photo shoots from prestigious publications. Now, the Colombian, who will be at our Poderosas Live event in Miami, gathers all her knowledge in her book The Stylist's Manual.

What motivated you to write the book at this time?

I saw a gap in the Latin market, and in response to seeing how my followers on social networks always ask me about how to start a career in styling and how to make it a company.

How is it different from other guides of this style?

It is practical and direct. The Stylist Manual differs from other guides in my more than 20 years of experience in the industry in which the 'IrmaStyle' method emerged and which I want to share with the new generations so that they not only learn the styling part but also of entrepreneurship, and make this creative career a lucrative and successful company.

Who is it for?

To all these people interested in entering the career of styling and image consulting or anyone passionate about the fashion industry in general.

How did you start in the world of styling?

I started working in a store in which my image consultancies to clients were so successful that I was put in charge of the showcases, and each piece I styled was sold. That was when, at the time when 'styling' did not exist, artists such as Angela Carrasco, María Conchita Alonso and Olivia Brown, from Miami Vice, became my first clients. After these consultations, Angela Carrasco offered me to go work with her to help her on her concert tour. Later, I worked at Telemundo for four years in different positions until I formed the chain's wardrobe department. Then the opportunity presented me to work with Shakira to help her in her crossover from Colombia to the United States. This could be considered the period in which I realized the passion I had for this career and my desire to undertake in this field that did not even exist as such was born.

You have worked with artists like Thalia, Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, Sofía Vergara, Ricky Martin… but who is your favorite celebrity to work for and why?

This is difficult to answer since I have a very good relationship with many of my clients. Many of them have become friends and this makes my job much easier and more fun.

And what artist you have not yet worked with would you like to do?

The list is endless! There are so many stars I would like to work with starting with Madonna. It would be a huge challenge because what do you put on Madonna that she hasn't worn ?!

Besides a sense of style, what other qualities does a good stylist need?

Dedication, diplomacy, perseverance, organization punctuality, a lot of passion and even a little psychology!

Many celebrities are reputed to be divos in photo shoots, what happens when someone stubborn does not want to follow your advice or complains too much?

That's where I practice my psychology! I try to be as honest as possible with them and explain why I chose each piece and how each one is part of the creative concept that is being developed. I have been fortunate that despite so many years, I have rarely found myself in difficult situations, but with a little diplomacy it is always possible to reach common terms.

How are your Latino roots reflected in your work?

My way of being cheerful and uncomplicated is always seen in my work when dealing with my colleagues. There is always a perfect balance between sensuality and elegance, and since most of my clients are Latino, it's easy not to lose that essence.

Besides the book you are going to do a series of workshops and conferences, what else can you tell us about that?

At this point in my career I am very much enjoying the role of mentor with these workshops in which I want to pass my knowledge on to the new generations of stylists so that the path becomes much easier for them. I am developing a very special project for me that will fill a gap that exists in the market, not only to train future stylists, but also all the people who need to find, develop and / or maintain their own style. I hope to launch it in early 2017.

What is your best style tip?

Looking good is a cover letter for the exterior, you do not need to work or be involved in fashion to have your own style that identifies us.

Next Saturday 17th you will be in one of the panels of the People in Spanish Powerful Live event, in Miami, talking about the fashion business. You have been part of the 25 most powerful at other times, what does it feel like to be on the list?

Recognitions are always important for any professional, especially in this career that many have not taken seriously for years, and being the pioneer in our Latino market, and being part of the group of the 25 Most Powerful People in Spanish is rewarding and you feel that the hard work of years has been well done.

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