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Alejandro Fernández: They Criticize Lyrics Of His Song Mátala

Alejandro Fernández: They Criticize Lyrics Of His Song Mátala
Alejandro Fernández: They Criticize Lyrics Of His Song Mátala

Video: Alejandro Fernández: They Criticize Lyrics Of His Song Mátala

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The ranchera “Mátalas”, one of Alejandro Fernández's most popular songs, is in the eye of the hurricane as it is considered by some to be offensive and inappropriate in light of the wave of violence against women in Mexico.

The song from the 2003 album Niña amada mía has been strongly criticized by actress Angélica Alargón, who has lashed out against lyrics like this song by Fernández and other authors who continue to write similar songs.

Angelica Aragon and Alejandro Fernandez
Angelica Aragon and Alejandro Fernandez

Gustavo Caballero / WireImage; Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images

"Violence against women is so normalized that many times we do not even realize what is offensive, disapproving and should be avoided," said the actress of the well-remembered soap opera Mirada de mujer in an interview on the television program Ventaneando.

The 66-year-old Mexican woman said that it bothered her to hear a mariachi band perform the song at a christening breakfast in which children participated, and noted that she had to stop the presentation as she considered it outrageous.

The song written by the regional Mexican music singer-songwriter Manuel Eduardo Toscano talks about "killing the woman with tenderness", although one of its most controversial stanzas reads: "Get a gun if you want or buy yourself a dagger if you prefer and become a murderer of women".

On the occasion of International Women's Day next Sunday, a march will be held in Mexico City to denounce gender inequality that will be accompanied the next day with a national strike called "A day without us", in which It will urge women not to go to work, study centers, or go outside.

According to data from the National Institute of Geographical Statistics of Mexico, 44% of Mexican women have suffered some type of violence at the hands of their partner, 10% of those who are 15 years old or older by a member of their family and a 66% have been victims of some type of violent act at some point in their lives.

A total of 1,006 women lost their lives to male violence in Mexico last year, according to official figures collected by CNN.

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