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Ozuna Shows Off His Children On Social Networks

Ozuna Shows Off His Children On Social Networks
Ozuna Shows Off His Children On Social Networks

Video: Ozuna Shows Off His Children On Social Networks

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Ozuna has endeavored to keep his private life out of the limelight, although he occasionally boasts his most precious trophies with great pride. But it is not the awards that the Puerto Rican has won for his successful career, but his two children, Sofía and Juan Andrés, the result of his marriage to his compatriot Tania Marie Meléndez.

Little Sofia, 5, has proven to be a loyal fan of her dad and a lover of cameras and microphones, who has even shared the stage with her famous father to help her perform her favorite song "Now you say."

But contrary to his sister, the little king of the house, whom the reggaetonero identifies in his social networks as Jacob, apparently, he does not like flashes and prefers to hide from the paparazzi

A forceful image made it clear: the interpreter and protagonist of the film Qué León shared a photo with his little one, where the smiling boy covers his face so as not to be caught by cameras seeking to take a picture of his dad.

"This happens when they ask #Jacob for a photo," the artist explained along with the image.

Apparently, the queen of the house did not want to be left behind and claimed her father her lack of presence in the photograph with her brother, so the singer was forced to show it off on his social networks as well.

In the video recorded inside the private plane in which the singer travels with his family to Barcelona, ​​Spain, little Sofía sings with her father what appears to be her next single titled “Estamo en ley”.

“I am in law with Sofi. He told me why the photo with Jacob and not with her. I love you Sofi”, said the singer next to the video with smiling emojis.

Ozuna closes the year not only enjoying the company of his family, but fulfilling his dreams with the release of the video for the song "Danzau", which premiered on Thursday afternoon.

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