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Anahí Reveals Her Baby's Name And Sex

Anahí Reveals Her Baby's Name And Sex
Anahí Reveals Her Baby's Name And Sex

Video: Anahí Reveals Her Baby's Name And Sex

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Anahí is more than ready to become a mother for the second time and this time she is not leaving any detail to the imagination.

Apparently, the former RBD does not fit with emotion and this Friday revealed that little Manuel will have a little brother. Yes, the actress and singer is in the sweet wait for another boy.

"My heart explodes with love!" Wrote the happy mother on her social networks. “A baby is coming to fill my life and that of my family with more love! The best friend and life partner for Manu and a tiny being to whom I will always give all my love.”

The singer gave the news along with a tender photograph where she is shown hugging her little Manu and her husband Manuel Velasco, with the motto "It's a Boy", and in which he assured that it has been a quiet pregnancy.

"Manu will have his best friend forever and I will be fortunate to be his mom," he wrote on his Instagram account next to the image. "I ask you to put us in your prayers so that this wait remains beautiful and calm."

Apparently, little Manu is more than happy to become an older brother and as a first obligation, he had the responsibility of choosing the name of his little brother, and Anahí recorded the moment he revealed it.

"Of the names we had said, what is your favorite, what is your brother's name?" Asked the singer in a video shared with her fans.

Without hesitation, Manu replied that Emiliano was the winning name.

Congratulations Anahí and we are waiting for you Emiliano!

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