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Always Sanitary Napkins Amid Controversy

Always Sanitary Napkins Amid Controversy
Always Sanitary Napkins Amid Controversy

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Video: Always sanitary pad - find the right hygiene products for you! 2023, January

In an effort to make products more inclusive and try to please many of its customers, the company Proctor & Gamble, creators of the brand of sanitary napkins Always, decided to remove the symbol of Venus from the products of said brand after receiving orders from transgender community activists, who asked the company to re-design the towel wrapping, claiming that not everyone who gets her period is a woman and not every woman gets her period.

However, not everyone is happy with this step. Many women have taken to social media to let the company know about their discontent. "Another ridiculous step and an insult to women," wrote one girl on Twitter, "while another wrote," I have been buying Always since my period started 20 years ago. I will not buy them again.”

"For over 35 years, Always has advocated for girls and women and we will continue to do so," the company said in a statement. "We are also committed to diversity and inclusion, and in our continued effort to understand our clients' needs."

Of course, many others support the company's initiative and have applauded the way they are trying to be inclusive with their products.

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