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Kylie Jenner Rise And Shine-inspired Clothing Collection

Kylie Jenner Rise And Shine-inspired Clothing Collection
Kylie Jenner Rise And Shine-inspired Clothing Collection

Video: Kylie Jenner Rise And Shine-inspired Clothing Collection

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Video: Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour 2023, January

It is no secret that the Kardashian / Jenner sisters create a business of everything and anything. And it is that the incredible popularity of the family is so overwhelming that no matter what they do, everything they touch literally turns into gold. So by now we shouldn't be surprised at all. But we can not help but be surprised with everything that occurs to them. For a change, in this case the one that will continue making money is Kylie Jenner and all for a simple post on social networks.

A few days ago the youngest of the family uploaded a video to her YouTube account where she is doing a tour of the Kylie Cosmetics offices and it is right there where when she enters her daughter Stormi's room in said facilities, Jenner tries to wake her up by reciting the phrase, "riiiise and shiiine". This moment has caused a stir on social networks and all because of how the voice of the businesswoman is heard and the humor of the moment. Many applauded her way of speaking to her little girl and even created funny memes, but on the other hand, criticism also began to rain on her.

And like all Kardashian / Jenner, the 22-year-old is taking advantage of the moment to continue expanding her fortune. Jenner now appears to be planning to launch a clothing collection related to her now famous phrase. We know this because the businesswoman has just registered the phrase Riiise and Shiiine in her name. The patent includes coats, dresses, footwear, gloves, and underwear.

In addition, it is also rumored that the young woman may very well launch a makeup collection with the same theme. Wow how lucky some of them are!

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