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Karli Plaza Sesame Drug Addict Mom

Karli Plaza Sesame Drug Addict Mom
Karli Plaza Sesame Drug Addict Mom

In its long history, the Sesame Street (PBS) show, better known in Spanish as Sesame Street, has tackled multiple topics to tell children in a friendly and tender way what happens in society. From homosexuality to autism, the show has tried to explain to the delicate little topics that sometimes their own parents do not know how to explain to minors.

The show recently surprised again with the confession that the adorable Karli made in a recent broadcast revealing that her 'mom' is fighting drug addiction.

In this chapter the puppet is appreciated - which carries the voice of the actress Haley Jenkins - thanking Chris (Chris Knowings), one of the neighbors of the neighborhood, for having taken care of her and Elmo while his mother was “in a meeting"

When Elmo asks Karli what was the type of meeting that her mom went to, she replies "She has had a difficult time." "So in order to get better she goes to a meeting with her group," adds Chris. "Everyone sits in a circle."

Then Elmo gets excited expressing that he also loves sitting in a circle at school. That is when Karli releases the truth to explain that it is not a circle of this type.

"They talk about problems of older people," says the tender-and green-character. “She goes daily to stay healthy. Is that you know? my mom needs help to take better care of herself.”

In another part of the show Karli introduces her friend Salia, a flesh and blood girl, explaining that her parents also suffer from the same problem. "Addiction is a disease, it makes people feel like they need drugs and alcohol to feel good," says Salia. "They had to go for 60 days and I felt like it was 60 years."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in order to address this delicate and highly topical issue in the face of the opioid crisis that has swept the nation, the producers of Sesame Street took great care in the use of language and in the context in which the chapter.

"In everything we have done: from talking about families in the military to the problem of homeless people, the idea is to make children feel confident enough to be able to talk [about these issues] and [we want] to give them to parents the tools to achieve this, "said Sherrie Westin, president of global impact and philanthropy of the program.

And this care is reflected in choosing Karli as the right character to tackle this delicate issue of addictions, since she herself was incorporated into the cast of Sesame Street last May - National Month of Adoption - and presented as a girl who lives in a foster family.

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