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José José Birthday Granddaughter

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José José Birthday Granddaughter
José José Birthday Granddaughter

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In the mourning that surrounds her family for the departure of her adored father, José José, her daughter Marysol Sosa is celebrating the first year of her only daughter's life: Elena Orozco Sosa.

The anniversary accentuates the drama that José José's older children have lived through in recent years. In the case of Marysol, the second daughter of the unforgettable Mexican singer, the happiness of becoming a mother was clouded by the fact that her father never knew her daughter, despite her repeated calls to her father.

This Monday, Marysol, who also dedicates herself to singing, shared this tender but heartbreaking image showing her baby's little hand perched on a guitar. Elena: Christ loves us. You in Mexico and I in these directions, but in spirit perfectly united. Happy first year, my beautiful daughter! I love you and I bless you. Your mom".

The baby is the result of Marysol's relationship with the Mexican journalist Xavier Orozco:

In 2018 and after the birth of her daughter, Marysol resorted to the media to beg her dad to communicate with her and finally meet sweet Elena. "I love you and I miss you," said the singer to Un nuevo día (Telemundo). "I have missed you so much, I can't wait to see you and introduce you to your granddaughter."

On that occasion, Marysol appealed to her half-sister, Sarita, to make the reunion between grandfather and granddaughter possible, without success. Now, in the midst of preparations for the singer's funeral and tributes planned in his honor, the battle between Marysol and his brother José Joel and Sarita continues, pointing out that, unfortunately, this drama goes on for a long time.

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