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Ana Brenda Contreras New Look Cut Her Hair

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Ana Brenda Contreras New Look Cut Her Hair
Ana Brenda Contreras New Look Cut Her Hair

Video: Ana Brenda Contreras New Look Cut Her Hair

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Video: Ana Brenda contreras (transformação total) 2023, January

We are already more than half a year old and the changes of looks of the famous ones are still the order of the day. And it is that as we have already said, nothing like a new hair color or a cut to look instantly fresher and more modern, especially when you are an artist and you have to be constantly changing to stay current. That is why there are many celebrities who surprise us with different changes of look in the same year. Last year the fashion was to wear platinum blonde hair, and there were many who joined her. Although in 2019 this hair tone is still very popular, the hottest style is undoubtedly the bob cut, which was already done by Clarissa Molina and Jennifer López, among others. Ana Brenda Contreras has just joined that club and we have to admit that we love it.

The Mexican actress revealed her new look on her Instagram account where she published a photo where you can see her new and modern haircut, which in fact closely resembles Jlo's.

Contreras, whom we have always seen with his beautiful long and abundant hair, surprised his followers with the photo he took with his cell phone at the same hairdresser who made the change.

Watch in this video the process of its drastic change

"New beginnings," Contreras titled the photo, which so far has more than 5,000 comments, all very flattering, and almost 400,000 I like.

We do not know if the beautiful Mexican made the change for a new project or if she simply decided to make the change for her and incidentally to look more chic and modern. What we do know is that this new look suits Contreras, whom we hope to see very soon in a project.

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