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Maritza Rodríguez Her New Life As An Orthodox Jew

Maritza Rodríguez Her New Life As An Orthodox Jew
Maritza Rodríguez Her New Life As An Orthodox Jew

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Video: Preparing for Shabbat with Rabbi Diament and Maritza Rodriguez at Monterrey's Jewish school 2023, January

The life of retired Colombian actress Maritza Rodríguez, now named Sarah Mintz, has taken a 180 degree turn since she made the decision to become an Orthodox Jew. The former villain of successful melodramas like The Face of Analía and Acorralada not only left the world of acting behind, but now works as a self-improvement coach while dedicating herself to caring for the beautiful home she has formed with her husband, the executive. TV show Joshua Mintz. But how is a day to day in the life of the former soap opera star now?

Sarah Mintz
Sarah Mintz

“I get up […] I do netilat yadaim [hand washing], I get up the children very early, because I like to have [time] to dress them calmly, to prepare breakfast calmly, to send them to the truck calmly. So I find it hard to get up half an hour earlier than you normally can, "Mintz explained recently through her social networks.

“Then I have my coffee, I go to the gym, I come back and I have my breakfast. Then I take a bath and well I do my tefilla [Jewish prayer] and already there if I have a coach appointment, if I have my Hebrew class, if I have, I don't know, my diploma class or I have the super. And then I have to go pick up the children, take him to one class, then I take the other one to the other class, so that's how I pass it from class to class in the afternoon. I am very mom. And then later I go into the pool with them or take them to my mother-in-law to share with her, "she explained.

"In short, I have a normal life," stressed the also heroin of Silvana without wool.

The now life coach, who due to her new religion has to cover her hair with wigs and dress more demure, among other things, assured that she felt 'full' with this new life that she has been completely distanced from interpretation for several years.

"I don't feel it as a sacrifice, I don't feel it as a hindrance, I enjoy life too, I enjoy changing my look with a masquerade, with a short, long wig, a little more blonde, a little less blonde, dressing in tzniut" he recognized.

"[But] I am still very vain, I am still very feminine," she stressed.

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