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Sofía Castro Celebrates Angélica Rivera's Birthday

Sofía Castro Celebrates Angélica Rivera's Birthday
Sofía Castro Celebrates Angélica Rivera's Birthday

Video: Sofía Castro Celebrates Angélica Rivera's Birthday

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Actress Angélica Rivera is celebrating her birthday, but she is not just anyone. The former first lady of Mexico celebrated her 50th birthday this Friday.

Of course, such an important date did not go unnoticed and in addition to an intimate family celebration, her oldest daughter, Sofía Castro, expressed her love and admiration for who has been her “best friend”. Through a snapshot shared on her social networks with her sisters, the young actress wished her mother success and happiness.

"You are the greatest we have … We are as lucky to have you as our mom and as an exemplary woman, "wrote Sofia. "I want to thank you for your strength, your love, for being my best friend, my other half and my confidant."

The most famous of the Castro-Rivera sisters praised her mother in this new stage of life that begins, after her divorce from former President Enrique Peña Nieto, and encouraged her to continue growing as a person as she has done so far.

“It is a very special and unique birthday, because you start a new stage flying like only you know how to do mom, with those huge wings you have. I love you and I wish that in this new return to the sun, you are eternally happy because you do not deserve less, "he said. "Happy birthday mom. It continues to shine only as you know how to do it… so unique, so you, so Angie”.

To celebrate, the sisters also wore red fitted tank tops with the bold slogan "Angie's pin..e's birthday" in English. Their mother seconded them with the same shirt, but in black.

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