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Puppy With A Mustache Melts The Nets Of Tenderness

Puppy With A Mustache Melts The Nets Of Tenderness
Puppy With A Mustache Melts The Nets Of Tenderness

Video: Puppy With A Mustache Melts The Nets Of Tenderness

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There is no doubt that puppies continue to be great protagonists of social networks and for some days now, a small puppy has stolen the attention of millions for a tender reason: a beautiful and unique mustache stands out on his face.

The little girl, who rose to stardom in the digital world under the nickname "The Mustache Puppy" (or "the dog with the mustache" in Spanish), was featured a few days ago on the Instagram account of Hearts & Bones Rescue, a refuge from puppies with headquarters in Texas and New York, and since then it has been a sensation.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you The Mustache Puppy. We just rescued this little puppy, with her 10 siblings and her beautiful mom … The whole family will go to a wonderful temporary home today in Dallas, where they will receive a lot of love and the medical care they need, "read the publication in which it was presented. the adorable little dog.

The beautiful mustache of the puppy has become a viral sensation and there are already hundreds of users of social networks who want to become the new parents of the girl.

Of course, the peculiar characteristic on the face of this shag has led her to be compared with the legendary Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, who, in addition to his famous works of art, was also recognized worldwide for his peculiar way of wearing a mustache.

And it seems that the print of the famous Iberian artist will now be with the dog for his entire life. “The Mustache Puppy” has a name, we introduce you to Salvador Dolly, read one of the most recent Hearts & Bones Rescue posts on Intagram.

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