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Maite Perroni's Beauty Secrets

Maite Perroni's Beauty Secrets
Maite Perroni's Beauty Secrets

Maite Perroni is one of the most beloved artists in the world of Latin entertainment. The talent that she shows when she plays a character and the charisma that characterizes her when she goes on stage to interpret her successes, have earned her a very special place in the hearts of millions of fans around the world. But what her fans love the most is that angelic beauty that she possesses. That is why there are many girls who want to know her beauty secrets, especially the way in which she takes care of her beautiful hair. Luckily we had her a whole day with us on the streets of Washington Heights posing in some of the hottest fall trends for our September cover. There we took the opportunity to ask her some of her little secrets.

"Actually, the only thing I do is dry my hair and sometimes not even with the hair dryer but I let my hair dry by itself," confesses the Mexican actress. "I absolutely don't apply any chemicals to it. I don't like sprays, I don't like gel. I do not like anything of that".

Perroni, who is now preparing to work on her new television project, also likes to do the occasional home treatment.

“[I like] a recipe my grandmother gave me a long time ago. It is a natural recipe that you can make at home,”explains the also singer. “You cut a tomato in half and from the middle to the ends apply all the natural oil [it has]. After that you wrap it in a towel or in aluminum foil. It is greasy but it is superhydrated”.

Watch the video and find out everything the artist told us. The September edition, which adorns Perroni and where she shares more of her beauty tips, is now on sale.

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