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Jessica Alba's Natural Charm

Jessica Alba's Natural Charm
Jessica Alba's Natural Charm

Video: Jessica Alba's Natural Charm

Video: Jessica Alba's Natural Charm
Video: Jessica Alba’s Guide to a Daytime Smoky Eye | Beauty Secrets | Vogue 2023, May
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

“She is so beautiful that she hardly needs any makeup: her natural skin and colors are perfect. In addition, she is extremely intelligent and responsible,”explained Leslie López, a professional makeup artist who worked with Alba and other celebrities for the Golden Globe gala.

Despite the fact that not everyone had the genetic luck of this promising actress, López revealed some of her secrets to us to get a little closer to her spectacular beauty.


“I wanted to accentuate, without exaggeration, the sexyness of her eyes. For this I used a golden brown shadow dotted with gold and a very fine line on the eyelid that highlighted its long curved eyelashes, "explains Leslie López.


"Her lips have a nice natural color, so I preferred to use what is known as a nude lipstick and finish them with a little shine," says the makeup artist. Skin

"Yours is wonderful, that's why I applied very little foundation to it, just to match the tone, plus a drop of concealer to add freshness and a little bit of very pale pink blush. The final touch was given with a very soft terracotta bronzer on the entire face that accentuated her golden look”, explains the makeup artist.

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