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Which Bagel Sandwich Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

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Which Bagel Sandwich Matches Your Zodiac Sign?
Which Bagel Sandwich Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Video: Which Bagel Sandwich Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Video: Which Bagel Sandwich Matches Your Zodiac Sign?
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bagel-zodiac-full_spanish-01 [1]

Perfect for breakfast or lunch, bagel is an ideal bread for people of all ages.

Its ingredients are the same as that of a common bread and it usually has a hole in the center.

There is a wide variety of flavors such as poppy seed, blueberries, cinnamon with raisins, sesame.

On the occasion of National Bagel Day in America, which is celebrated on January 15, Thomas Breads shows you the bagel sandwiches that match your zodiac sign:


You are passionate, brave, confident and adventurous. We recommend melting caprese in a flat minibagel


You are patient, trustworthy, caring, and caring. We recommend one with melted butter on a honey wheat bagel.


You are dynamic, resourceful, youthful and inconsistent. We recommend a mini-bagel of cinnamon raisins with peanut butter and raspberries


You are emotional, indecisive, idealistic and sensitive. We recommend a bagel all with lox and cream cheese


You are affectionate and the best friend of all, but also known by your ego. We recommend BLT in a 100% whole wheat bagel


You are smart, modest and analytical. You enjoy the simple things. We recommend a thin plain bagel with ham and cheese


You are irresistible, complicated and nice. We recommend a whole wheat bagel with bacon slices


You are determined, forceful, compulsive and wise. We recommend a Cuban sandwich on an onion bagel


You have an open mind, you are optimistic and jovial. We recommend a turkey and apple bagel melted in a cinnamon raisin bagel


You are hard-working, practical and loyal. We recommend bacon, egg and cheese in a simple bagel


You have a free, inventive spirit, you break rules, you are unexpected, original, innovative and eccentric. We recommend a spicy egg scrambled in a bagel with nooks & crannies


You are touchy, compassionate and imaginative. We recommend a blueberry bagel with hazelnut cream.

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