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Neighbors Harass Toilets For Fear Of Getting The Coronavirus
Neighbors Harass Toilets For Fear Of Getting The Coronavirus

While millions of people come out from their corners of the world to their balconies to applaud doctors and nurses for their work in this crisis caused by the coronavirus, there are others where exactly the opposite occurs.

Several Spanish toilets have denounced the daily harassment suffered by their neighbors who, fearful of catching the Covid-19, treat them badly, hang posters and 'invite' them to leave their buildings for fear that they will bring with them 'the bug'.

Through social networks, dozens of people, hospital and medical center workers, have given voice to this increasingly common fact that has them in a survivor.

This anesthesiologist made public the writings that his neighbors had left at his door where they asked him to please not come home because of the danger that this implies for the children and elderly residents of the place.

Yes, this is happening, and it is not an isolated case. Unfortunately, there are also those who consider their stay in the community a threat and make life impossible to drive them away. They even prohibit them from using the elevator and common areas. They forget that these professionals live with the virus daily and know how to cope with and take care of it.

There are cases where they have even put bleach in the lock. Testimonies that show that in the midst of something so horrible the best but also the worst of the human being always comes out. The victims have decided to publicly denounce it so that it is known and seen that not everything is applause and solidarity, there is also the other side of the coin.

If you need updated information about COVID-19, its symptoms, treatment, etc,. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, which offers service in Spanish: www.cdc.gov/spanish/index.html

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