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Video Shows Arrest Of 6-year-old Girl In Orlando

Video Shows Arrest Of 6-year-old Girl In Orlando
Video Shows Arrest Of 6-year-old Girl In Orlando

Video: Video Shows Arrest Of 6-year-old Girl In Orlando

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Video: Bodycam footage shows 6-year-old girl arrested at Orlando school 2023, February

A video circulating on social media shows the moment when little Kaia Rolle, who is in first grade at a school in Orlando, FL, breaks down in tears after being taken by the hands and handcuffed by two police officers.

"Please help me, help me!", The little girl is heard saying in the 1:54 minute recording, in which agent Dennis Turner and another unidentified classmate are seen saying to the student that "I don't it's going to hurt."

"No, no, I don't want handcuffs! No, don't put handcuffs on me! Please!”Shouted the little girl in the middle of the arrest in one of the offices of the Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy.

When officers pulled her out of school to load her into a vehicle and be taken to a juvenile assessment center, the girl continued to cry, saying she did not want to get in the car, begging for a second chance and being dropped off at school.

According to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, the girl staged a "tantrum" and had beaten and kicked three of the school's employees. The newspaper also notes that Agent Turner returned to school to remind one of the employees that he was going to need his statement about what happened.

Kaia's grandmother, Meralyn Kirkland, condemned the officers' behavior worried about the trauma it meant for her granddaughter, and commented that one of the reasons for her misbehavior is probably that she suffers from sleep apnea, the newspaper reported.

Kaia Rolle
Kaia Rolle

The arrest occurred on September 19 of last year, but the video recorded by the portable camera of one of the agents was released on Monday by the girl's family.

Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón had suspended Turner about 6 months ago on the grounds that he violated the arrest procedure in the Kaia case and that of another minor in a separate incident.

State prosecutor Aramis Ayala said last September that the charges in the case of both children were dropped.

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