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Boy Asks Mom With Cancer To Meet Ricky Martín

Boy Asks Mom With Cancer To Meet Ricky Martín
Boy Asks Mom With Cancer To Meet Ricky Martín

Video: Boy Asks Mom With Cancer To Meet Ricky Martín

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Thiago is an 8-year-old boy who has won the hearts of thousands of social media users after writing a moving letter asking for the wish of his sick mother to be fulfilled: to meet Ricky Martín.

It all started when the little boy learned that the Argentine television program “Arriba Córdoba” was raffling a meet and greet to share in person with the singer during his presentation in that city and sent a letter to the production - accompanied by a breakfast he bought with all his savings - in which he revealed that his mother has cancer and dreams of meeting him.

“The only thing I ask for my mom is that she meet Ricky Martín. I cannot participate [in the raffle] because I am a small child,”he wrote. "I do not come with my savings to buy the ticket. Mommy is sick with a brain [tumor] and cries a lot when she is pricked with needles. Me and my brothers when we put Ricky Martín my mom laughs with me, she is happy, "adds the letter.

The program contest asks those who want to participate to fill out a form with personal data and answer the question: "What would you give Ricky Martin as a gift?". The little boy replied in his letter: "The gift I would give Mommy is eternal life and a big hug from Ricky." The contest winners will be announced next Monday, February 17.

So far it is unknown if the production of the program, which is broadcast on eldoce.tv, would reach an agreement with the child. However, this has not prevented the letter from continuing to circulate quickly through different platforms on social networks.

The interpreter of “La mordidita” will be performing in Buenos Aires and Córdoba, Argentina, at the end of February as part of his “Movimiento Tour” world tour.

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