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Actor Lord Of The Skies Assault

Actor Lord Of The Skies Assault
Actor Lord Of The Skies Assault

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Mexican authorities confirmed this afternoon that Alejandro Sandí, the actor from the series El señor de los cielos (Telemundo) who was kidnapped this Sunday after suffering a violent assault on the side of Esmeralda Ugalde, the sister of singer Ana Bárbara, was released.

Sandí had been missing since this Sunday morning after the events occurred on the slopes of the Nevado de Toluca volcano, in the State of Mexico, and where Frédéric Michel, a French citizen, also disappeared.

Alfonso Durazo, director of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection in Mexico (SSPC, for its acronym) revealed that the captors of Sandí and Michel had demanded money to free their victims. "Immediately the search operation was organized, the protocol for these cases was activated and based on this we are very close to closing this investigation favorably," said the official in statements reproduced by the SinEmbargoMX.com site. "There were communications and a rescue was effectively requested, to free them."

The news of the assault and kidnapping spread like wildfire after this Monday Esmeralda Ugalde, Ana Bárbara's sister resorted to her networks to report that she and her friend and colleague, Vannesa Arias, had suffered a violent robbery and that unfortunately her friend was missing. The post omitted the Gallic citizen who was later identified by the Agence France Presse as Michel. "Thank God we are alive," said the actresses with a red face from tears and a broken voice.

Alfredo del Mazo Maza, Governor of the State of Mexico, where Nevado de Toluca is located, in the vicinity of the Municipality of Zinacantepec, confirmed through his official Twitter account that he and his team actively worked on the case.

Del Mazo also assured that the incident occurred in the Parque de los Venados and that the subjects had fled in vans. In one of them, a white Jeep, they took Sandí and Michel, followed by a gray Toyota that they had taken from their victims, among them the aforementioned Vanessa Arias.

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