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Edith González: Medium Makes Contact With The Late Actress

Edith González: Medium Makes Contact With The Late Actress
Edith González: Medium Makes Contact With The Late Actress

Video: Edith González: Medium Makes Contact With The Late Actress

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Video: MÉDIUM hace CONTACTO con EDITH GONZALEZ en HOY y revela MENSAJE DE LA ACTRIZ 2023, February

About five months after the painful death of Edith González, the television program Hoy, with the consent of the brother of the late actress, had the presence of a renowned medium, Ángel Gabriel, last Friday, who managed to establish contact with the unforgettable protagonist of successful soap operas like Wild Heart.

Before the watchful eye of Víctor Manuel, Edith's brother, who was in the morning's recording forum that day, the medium revealed the message that the actress sent him when he managed to establish contact with her in the dressing room.

Edith Gonzalez
Edith Gonzalez

According to Ángel Gabriel, Edith told her that she is very grateful and surprised by the great reception she received from the tribute that was paid to her just after her death and told her, among other things, of a project that she left unfinished and that she would like the public could support.

Below we reproduce the conversation that the medium and Edith's brother had and that has had a great impact on social networks:

Medium: I had the opportunity to make contact with Edith and it was something very special, she really is a bit reserved as a human being but she wanted to make contact. One of the things that she said, and she said to him [referring to the brother], is that at first he was very protective, he always connected with you as that protective figure, then she feels that she separates at one time …

Víctor Manuel: Well, when he marries, when he marries, we have a little bit of separation there, but really, every Tuesday we had breakfast and kept in contact by phone, but it was no longer the same and it has to be that way.

Medium: And then he says that he was in charge of protecting her in those last moments, of being close too and that one of the things that he really liked was what they did to recognize her, that special tribute, which thanks you very much for having done it and that impressed him how people also responded to that.

Víctor Manuel: Yes, maybe I have two things there. One, her husband behaved in a wonderful way, we made a very important communion with Lorenzo to take care of her, to help her and the other because the Jorge Negrete thing that you saw was impressive, there was no room for anyone and you felt the affection. She did not leave because she was morbid, she left because of affection and that was something that impressed us and we liked it, and you can see Edith in Spain, in Italy, in Ukraine […] around the world.

Medium: Something that really caught my attention was something that revealed and said that she was happy with a project that they were doing and a project that she wants the public to support. She was talking to me about something written and something she wanted to do about cancer.

Víctor Manuel: Two things. Edith is not a war, she is a lover of life that for us would be very diverse and based on that there was no time, but perhaps we are going to do it, is to make a foundation for the early detection [of cancer].

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