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Tigers Of The North Would Not Make A Run To Donald Trump

Tigers Of The North Would Not Make A Run To Donald Trump
Tigers Of The North Would Not Make A Run To Donald Trump

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The Northern Tigers had neither fear nor hesitation to sing to the inmates of the Folsom Californian prison, but what they are never seen doing is composing a song for President Donald Trump.

The northern group has stood out in its five decades of career for writing corridos that denounce social injustices, support the immigrant community and have included recognized figures, including controversial presidents. Now, they assured that Trump will never be his muse.

In an interview with GQ Mexico magazine, the group's leader, Jorge Hernández, expressed that the president does not deserve to be honored with a song.

"I would not like to give Trump a run. It is giving it more fame,”he said bluntly.

It is not the first time that Hernández and his colleagues have spoken out against the president, whom they have described as offensive and hurtful for the Latino community in this country.


In the previous presidential campaign, the group was an avid spokesperson against the then Republican candidate for his racist comments and insults to the Mexican community.

"We are deeply offended by everything he has said against the Mexicans who live in the United States," Hernández told reporters. “This campaign against Mexicans was invented to gain popularity in certain sectors of the American population. [His comments] have hurt the hearts and feelings of Mexicans."

Hernández, like his colleagues, are immigrants from Sinaloa, Mexico, who have resided in California since their arrival in the United States around 50 years ago. His music focuses on playing themes of daily life and survival in an imperfect world. But among his most outstanding songs are those that highlight the struggle of Hispanic immigrants in this land, just as they have lived it.

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