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Gaby Espino And Jaime Mayol Reappear Together

Gaby Espino And Jaime Mayol Reappear Together
Gaby Espino And Jaime Mayol Reappear Together

Video: Gaby Espino And Jaime Mayol Reappear Together

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Video: Captan romanticones a Gaby Espino y Jaime Mayol 2023, January

In August of this year, a source close to the Venezuelan actress exclusively told People en Español that Gaby Espino and Jaime Mayol had concluded their love story. "He and Gaby have not been together for many, but many months," the source said at the time. The relationship between the two; However, it does not appear that it has come to an end, at least not on a friendship level.

Gaby Espino and Jaime Mayol
Gaby Espino and Jaime Mayol

Three months after the breakup was made official, the protagonist of successful Telemundo soap operas such as Más saber el diablo and Santa diabla and the Puerto Rican presenter were seen together during the celebration of the baby shower of a relative of Gaby's.

Always discreet with everything that has to do with their private life, neither Espino nor Mayol gave signals through the networks that they were together; however, the photos and videos shared by some of those attending the event ended up betraying them.

In this image, which was published on Instagram by one of the guests at the baby shower and subsequently published by several fan clubs of the Venezuelan star, the couple can be seen posing for the photo in the company of several relatives of Gaby, including her sister Andreina and her son Nickolás.

The image by itself does not confirm that the actress and the presenter have returned to give themselves an opportunity in love, but it does at least show the excellent relationship that continues to exist today between the two and that would validate what he revealed to us months behind the source.

"They are very good friends. They continue to get along very well,”the source assured.

It was last February when Gaby and Jaime saw each other for the last time through social networks.

“For more laughs and unforgettable moments. I love you baby. Happy Valentines!”Mayol wrote next to a romantic photo of the couple.

Could it be that they have resumed their romance or are they just good friends?

Time will tell!

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